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Join us on this amazing journey as we work to preserve the environment and build a sustainable future for everyone.
Together, we can change things

About Us

We are a devoted group working to spread knowledge about climate change.The collaboration of Gutt Land Productions, House of the Oud, ITU Productions, and Jim Perkins Music resulted in the non-profit endeavor known as The Earth Call Project. By utilizing the power of culture, education, and the environment, our objective is to motivate group action and advance sustainable development. We want to incite a sense of urgency and equip people to act as change agents through engrossing music videos, instructive workshops, and environmental activities. Join us on this amazing journey as we work to preserve the environment and build a sustainable future for everyone. Together, we can change things.

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Save the Planet

Our Vision

Through the power of music and video storytelling, Earth Call Project aims to inspire change and awareness. We envision a world where every person recognizes the pressing need to combat climate change and actively works to protect the environment. We launch our call to action from the Cook Islands through engaging music videos and cinematic experiences.  Our objective is  motivating, enlightening, and empowering audiences to care for the planet and create a resilient and sustainable future for future generations.

Our Mission

Climate change is one of the biggest threats facing our planet today. It is caused by the burning of fossil fuels, deforestation, and other human activities that release large amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. The effects of climate change are already being felt around the world. The rising sea and ocean levels converted in more frequent and severe weather events affecting the South Pacific Islands. Climate change’s effects are already visible in Cook Islands, as some of the Islands are in risk of disappearing in the next 50 years and the native vegetal and animal species are at risk of extinction too. This is why we decided to take int action and make our contribution to raise Climate change awareness through the Earth Call Plus Project. It's up to all of us to take action to reduce the harmful effects, to protect our planet, and ensure a sustainable future for generations to come. Let's work together to make a difference and tackle climate change before it's too late.

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Our goals

Inspire Action:

We aim to inspire individuals to take meaningful action in their daily lives to mitigate climate change. By showcasing stories of resilience, adaptation, and sustainable practices, we empower our audience members to become change agents within their communities.

Raise Awareness:

We are committed to enlightening audiences about the realities of climate change and its impact on the Cook Islands. Through the power of music and video we seek to foster a deep understanding of the environmental challenges we face.

Drive Collaboration: Collaboration is crucial in addressing climate change. We actively seek partnerships with local communities, environmental organizations, and governmental bodies to amplify our impact. Together, we can create innovative solutions and implement policies that safeguard our environment.

Engage and Educate:

We are dedicated to providing accessible and engaging educational resources that complement our films. Through workshops, educational initiatives, and outreach programs, we encourage active participation, knowledge sharing, and the development of practical skills to combat climate change.

Advocate for Change:

We believe in the power of film

& music to advocate for policy changes and influence public opinion. We work closely with policymakers, community leaders, and grassroots movements to amplify voices, foster dialogue, and drive systemic change in favor of sustainable practices and climate resilience.

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