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With the collaboration of Gutt Land Productions based in Luxembourg,

ITU productions based in the Cook Islands, Jim Perkins Music based in the Cook Islands and Mr. Naseer Shamma, UNESCO artist we create this project, The Earth Call.

This project is hosted in the Cook Islands and features internationally acclaimed UNESCO Artist And Ambassador Of Peace, Ambassador Of The International Federation Of Red Cross And Red Crescent Societies Oud artist Mr. Naseer Shamma

The video revolves around the profound consequences of climate change on the environment and human societies. It sheds light on the rising temperatures of the Oceans and Earth, the changing weather patterns, resulting in more frequent and intense extreme weather events like heatwaves, droughts, floods, and landslides. Moreover, it accentuates the reduction of biodiversity and the adverse effects on human life’s security, especially for vulnerable communities.

With a minimalist and contemplative style, the video centers on showcasing the breathtaking natural magnetism of the Cook Islands' landscape. It captures the untouched beaches, crystal-clear turquoise waters, and vibrant rainforests, cleverly contrasting them with visuals illustrating the impact of climate change.

Towards the conclusion, Mr. Naseer Shamma, passionately addresses music enthusiasts and nature lovers worldwide, delivering a concise and compelling message, the Earth Call. Mr. Shamma earnestly urges individuals to cease all harmful environment activities. The Call is presented in English, accompanied by translations in 15 different languages, ensuring accessibility to a diverse global audience. By employing multiple languages, the message resonates with a broader spectrum of people, fostering a sense of worldwide solidarity in combating climate change.

All respect and appreciation to all partners, volunteers and supporters.

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